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LightWalker dental laser used by Dr Dunn

High-Tech Laser Dentistry

A Non-invasive approach to dentistry

Here at Laser Dental Arts, we use the latest technology to provide non-invasive dental treatments, Minimizing pain and discomfort and decreasing the amount of time you spend in the chair. Laser dentistry has allowed us to improve more than smiles, Its improved lives. 

Laser services we offer: 

Laser Fillings

Less invasive approach to getting your dental work done. Providing superior clinical results with a reduced need for anesthesia. No uncomfortable noises or vibrations. ​

implant crown


Implants that are losing bone around their threads are cleaned more thoroughly with the laser than any other technique 

Patient and Dentist

Oral Surgery

The laser loosens your tooth before any pressure is applied to make for a faster and more comfortable removal. It also disinfects the socket to promote better healing

Beautiful Pout


  • Fuller, Smoother Lips

  • Natural Looking

  • No Downtime

  • No Injectables

  • Simulates Collagen Remodeling

Lips makeup

Blemish Removal

our laser performs cosmetic procedures to heal areas that you don't want to see

Perfect Smile

Teeth whitening

The laser helps activate the bleaching gel is to give you the whitest results possible with minimal sensitivity


NightLase® treatment is a fast, non-invasive and friendly way of increasing the quality of sleep. The procedure is comfortable and you can resume your daily routine immediately afterwards.

Young Blond Model


  • Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

  • No pain & No Downtime

  • Natural Tightening and Toning

  • Long-Lasting Results that are Easy to Maintain

  • No Fillers or Toxins

Dental x-ray


 At Laser Dental Arts we use Sweeps© laser-assisted endodontics to provide superior disinfection and better long-term success rates.


Irregular tissues can be removed by the laser with minimal bleeding and usually no stitches

Featured Products

Retainer Brite: Cleaning Tablets

Crest Pure Gentle Whitening Fluoride Anticavity Toothpaste

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Toothbrush

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